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Al final del verano Rosamunde Pilcher

Al final del verano

Rosamunde Pilcher

Published June 2nd 1997
ISBN : 9788478883547
316 pages
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 About the Book 

Jane is the daughter of a famous writer, but they live in a shack on a beach in California. She sometimes dreams of going back home to Scotland, her grandmother and cousin, Sinclair. One day while her father is away in LA, a lawyer comes to visit. David wants her to return to Scotland for a visit. Jane says she cannot go because someone is needed to look after her father. That same day her father returns from LA with a woman. Jane is a bit upset but decides to see if she can catch up with David and go to Scotland. Jane goes back home and her life is never the same.I liked this book but once again I felt as if the romance was left out. Is it me?